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Welcome To The Healer's Circle



Join other seekers and healers in exploring the shamanic path with Bob during a five-month course. (Please see information below.) If you are in need of shamanic counseling, please click here.

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A small group of shamanic students finish their training with Shaman Bob

Congratulations to the wonderful people in these recent circles for having completed the Beginner Course. 

some shaman students with Shaman Bob

            CLASS NOTES:


Advanced Class

To Meet January 12, 2019

(For registered students only.)


The Advanced Class is now ready to enter its third year, the largest circle ever to gather here. If you have completed the Beginner course, another Advanced class will be forming over the coming months, so please contact  Bob if you would like to join.


Interested in Learning Shamanism?

If you are interested in joining a future class, please contact Bob (press button below), or fill in the form at the bottom of the page.


About Bob's Shamanism Courses

a demonstration of how to smudge during a shaman training class with Shaman Bob
Student Erin learns to smudge during class.

 Become The Healer

You Were

Meant To Be



A Note from Bob

It would be my honor to serve you. Shamanism is a journey of awakening which simply begins by remembering who you are. Others helped me do it, and I now pass this along to you. It is the shaman's way.

Aho & Namaste





About The Beginner Course

We will meet in the sacred circle once a month for five months in order to allow you time for practice, study and further exploration between classes. Each class will focus on a specific topic and related activities:


Day One: Introduction To The Four P's Plus One / Experiential: Learn Shamanic Journeying

Day Two: Experiential: Techniques For Diagnosing Spiritual Illness / Sacred Ceremonies for Power Animal Retrieval

Day Three: Experiential: Spiritual Healing Techniques For Soul Retrieval / Healing At A Distance

Day Four: Experiential: Sacred Ceremonies for Extraction, Divination

Day Five: Bringing It All Together in Nature (weather permitting) / Shamanic Initiation Ceremony For You (Performed By Shamans Who Previously Took The Course And Who Will Invite You Into The Sacred Circle)



the shaman's way drum journey heal


 What You Will Learn

Each class includes extensive experiential training where you will learn how:

  • to play the sacred drum and rattle
  • to make your own medicine bag
  • to do your own shamanic journey
  • to help yourself and others spiritually heal
  • to retrieve power animals for yourself and others
  • to perform soul retrieval
  • to extract and negate negative energy from others
  • to perform divination in a variety of ways
  • to learn many other techniques intended to benefit yourself and others
  • And perhaps most importantly, you will learn how to walk the shamanic path in your everyday life (if you choose) with grace and in union with your soul's mission

In Recognition Of Your Accomplishment

When you have completed the course, you will receive a Certificate of Accomplishment.


Cost, Class Size

Total cost is $400 if paid in full in advance by check or PayPal, or $425 if you prefer payments, a service I offer via PayPal payments only. Cost includes all materials. Reduced rates are available for college students and others who may be facing particularly challenging financial concerns.


Class size is normally limited to four to six participants, but unlimited if you host a group training course at your location. Please contact me now to join a class or opt in to the mailing list (see form below).


Terms and Conditions:

A typical payment plan works like this: $85 down payment with registration, then four equal payments of $85 with no interest or any other fees added on. But please remember that you are committing to paying the total amount due of $425, whether you finish the course or not. Thus, if you should miss a class, payment for the missed class will be expected at the next class you attend. (You can make up the missed class in the future, at no extra charge, provided you have already paid for it previously.) Once you are enrolled in a class, refunds are limited to 50% of your total payments to date, should you withdraw from the class before it begins. 


If you miss a class, you can make it up with a future class, and thereby be assured of completing the course. However, you will not be able to "graduate" with the class you started with, and will not receive your Certificate until you complete the course.


Credits: Many thanks to student Erin for allowing her photo to be featured, and to student Aleina for sharing her original photo.


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Beginner Shaman Training Course With Bob


Thank you for your interest! You may go ahead and prepay for the course here, or choose the Payment Plan. As soon as four people step forward to join the circle, the course will begin. I look forward to meeting you and your classmates and to exploring the shamanic path together. 

 Aho & Namaste,


Shaman Training Course


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This payment guarantees your place in a future course of your choice, and also pays for the first of five classes taught during the course. (Four additional equal payments of $85 will be required to complete the course, for a total of $425). 


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