Kits To Make Your Own Shaman Gear

TWO Gourd Rattle Kits To Choose From On This Page!

Gourd Rattle Kit #1

This Kit Is Rated for Medium Difficulty, but the FREE BOOK Helps A LOT--

and Makes It Fun and Sacred At the Same Time!


(See Details for the e-Book below.)


What's Included In Kit:

  • A bottle gourd scrubbed on the outside (you will need to drill holes in it to clean out the inside and to place a handle in it), averaging about 5 to 6 1/2-inches tall
  • 4-feet of deer lacing, more than enough for your project. (Lacing color chosen from available stock.)
  • A cross piece to help hold in the handle if you want to use this option.
  • A wooden "handle," which is a real tree limb/branch. Circumference will vary. Length may vary a bit, too, but will be long enough for the stick to go up to the top of the gourd once inserted, and allow 5 to 6-inches to protrude from the bottom, which acts as the actual handle.
  • A small piece of LIGHTNING-STRUCK wood, a must-have for any rattle!
  • A short length of copper wire to hold a few emerald chips, an absolute necessity for this rattle. Emerald chips are included.
  • Instructions. (See Bonus Below!)



Order The Kit And Receive A FREE Copy of my e-Book. 


Make It Sacred: A Step-By-Step Guide To Making Shaman Gear, Vol. 1, contains fully illustrated instructions for how to make a gourd rattle, along with three separate sacred ceremonies you can perform to help activate and use this healing ally. It's like sitting in the shop with me while we make a rattle together!


More than 40 pages in all! Full Color Photos. Published by Blue Planet Publications. Retail Price: $2.99 (PDF version) Your free copy will be emailed to you the same day as your gourd kit is shipped.

Gourd Rattle Kit and FREE e-Book


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Easy-Peasy Gourd Rattle Kit

This is Kit #2 and it is Easy-Peasy! 


The Gourd Rattle That Makes Itself!


It's True! Mother Earth delivers the perfect rattle, and all you need to do is play it! You can purchase just the gourd, or spend a few bucks more and get a wonderful kit to help you decorate your Rattle.


The secret is that these gourds come with a ball of seeds inside. And the more you shake the gourd, the more the seeds gradually separate and give voice to the rattle. Watch the video below to learn more!


Decorating Kit Includes:

  • 30-Inches of real suede deer lacing in Pumpkin Orange, Turquoise, Red or White (Please specify color choice on PayPal order form or Bob will select a color for you).
  • Lightning Pendant (made from a lightning-struck tree) suspended on a copper coil with emerald chips.
  • Special bag with selected herbs for smudging your rattle.
  • And a beautiful gourd, of course!



  1. Kentucky residents will be charged 6% sales tax at checkout.
  2. Gourds come in varying sizes with adorable characteristics like spots, bumps, etc. You can paint the gourd, too, whether for artistic or cosmetic reasons-- acrylic will do fine alone, but will last longer if you apply a topcoat of clear finish. Simply spot-glue anything else, like fabric, yarns, string, rope, lacing, etc., or the items may slide down the handle and fall off. This gourd is a JOY to work with!
  3. Shipped in the U.S. via Priority Mail with insurance.



Easy-Peasy Gourd Rattles, either plain or with a decorating kit


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VIDEO: How To Make Your Gourd Rattle With Decorating Kit