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Paradox In Your Hands

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The mystical power of lightning, as illuminator, destroyer and creator, is deeply significant in my practice of shamanism. That is obvious as one reads the information on this Web site as it relates to lightning-struck drums.

But there are related tools I call into service as spiritual mending aids, and chief among them is what I call the “Lightning Stick.”

As with all such shamanic tools, it is intention which powers such an instrument, just as one finds with crystals and many other beautiful helpers used for spiritual goodness. Thus, I do not claim that this aid can do anything by itself, and that it is up to your intentions to employ it as a spiritual helper. (But you can download a free copy of my short e-Book about the Lightning Stick, then begin to use yours with basic knowledge that will expand with your experience. The book is available below for quick download.)

My personal preference is cherry, since its russet color and reddish berries are associated with fire in the shamanic way of thinking. This includes aspects of transmutation, as in transmuting suffering and illness into the way of restoring health.

This approach, then, comes from our relatives in the plant and sky kingdoms. And as with so many great spiritual truths, its power is paradoxically hidden in the most common and humble appearance.

A mere stick.

If this should interest you, I would encourage you to download the e-Book (below) and find out more. Then, when or if you feel ready to proceed, feel free to purchase one and I will email you to discuss the particulars of how you would like me to make your stick.

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Limited Quantity Available.

Please Allow At Least Three Weeks For Your Lightning Stick To Be Made.

Note: You see a few examples of Lightning Sticks here, from older to newer, as they are constantly evolving. Please notice that I leave plenty of lacing so buyers can attach they own articles, like feathers, herbs or whatever. I used to attach such things, but I definitely like the trend where folks prefer to personalize these helpers in their own way.

Custom Lightning Stick


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