Get Rattled Like A Shaman

Shamanic rattle, shaker, noise maker— no matter its moniker, this sacred tool is a valuable ally in a shaman healer's intention of service through sacred rhythm. Like a shaman's drum, the rattle is used to aid in achieving the "altered state of consciousness," (ASC), that brainwave frequency measured between 7-8 Hz which is the threshold to journey work, reportedly in the Theta/Alpha range. That is roughly the same as the Earth’s natural frequency, known as part of the “Schumann Resonance” frequency range that I’ve written about before. The lowest in the range, according to Wikipedia, is 7.83 Hz.

But here’s something new to add.

I know this is tangential to my subject, but it’s so cool. You can actually hear Mother Earth’s heartbeat, which is caused by lightning. There are a lot of scientific / government organizations and agencies monitoring the Schumann, but you can eavesdrop several amateur radio buffs' sites who live-stream it. Here's a site that features a round-up of amateur monitoring stations around the world. Very cool! Associated Websites are also listed so you can learn more.

You can also see near real time lightning strikes on a map from this monitoring site at the University of Washington. (An updated real-time map here, too.)

Estimates are that lightning strikes the earth about 100 times a second from an average of around 2,000 thunder storms occurring on the planet at any one time. That translates into more than 8 million strikes a day! And that is what helps produce the Earth's measurable heartbeat at 7.83HZ, the same frequency you need to enter into the altered state. But don't worry, you won’t need quite that many beats on a drum per second to do so!

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Thunder Horse Drum Videos...and More!

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Join The New Beginner Shaman Training Starts Oct. 18, 2015

There is still a seat in the sacred circle for you in the new Shaman Training course that will begin Oct. 18, 2015. (You may find full info here.) The Autumn is a perfect season in which to begin your exploration of a greater reality that will lead you to the discovery of your authentic self and the mission of your beautiful soul for this lifetime.

Join with others of like minds, learn the healing ways and the path of shamans, and apply your new understanding to improve and empower your everyday life. You will become familiar with how to drum and thus to enter the greater realms through a shamanic journey. And then, you will meet totem animals and powerful guides in assembling a team of allies to assist your work and life in the full expression of your heart. It will be your greatest voyage of discovery.

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The Book of Drums

The Trade Secrets Of Drum Making

SECRET ONE: Drum making is not a job or a task. It is an honor. I give thanks every time I make one because I know it is for a healer or a drum circle drummer or even for someone who intends to have a wonderful time playing a drum just for the fun of it. Several people also buy drums to use for their meditation practices, and a few purchase them to use in bands. How do I know this? I ask people to share their intentions for their drum at the time they buy it. They always respond.

It's good for me to know the intended use, and to then ask the buyer to lend good energy to the drum the day I make it by holding it in their thoughts and hearts, no matter where they are. In effect, they guide my hands and the newborn drums arrive with the buyers' spiritual DNA imprinted in them. Beautiful.

SECRET TWO: What else goes through my mind at the time I make a drum for someone, other than of course holding to their intentions and reverently asking for guidance to assure a person's drum is in sync with their spirit? Well, it's a book. A very short book.

I'll use some recently made drums to illustrate it.

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