Compact Powwow Drum-- Now SOLD!



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This is the ultimate powwow drum for four players (or more if you like!). Tough buffalo hide over a strong laminated maple frame assures quality. Bundled with a custom drum stand, this is the best and most economical powwow set available anywhere. Big booming voice for a powerful drum ally at an affordable price.



  1. Native American-made: 20" x 7" laminated frame is so very lightweight, less than 6 pounds, and strong
  2. Buffalo hide on top and bottom (double-sided) assures deep voice
  3. Buffalo lacing with four sturdy handles
  4. Comes with four large custom drum sticks
  5. Decorated with vivid bunched yarn and suede lace, beads, four brass bells
  6. You can hear this drum's beautiful voice on the main site here



  1. Rustic drum stand handmade by Bob from native Kentucky hardwoods; slopes slightly for main player
  2. Top struts are partially covered with suede to protect drum
  3. Decorated with bunched yarn, leather lace, beads
  4. Glue construction reinforced with screws at stress joints
  5. Top notches accommodate drum sticks and tie-downs to hold the drum in place


Only One Drum & Stand on Hand,

So Hurry If You Wish to Order

Compact Powwow Drum w/Stand

A Native American-made 20" powwow drum with a custom drum stand and four large drumsticks. (See more details above.) Shipping and Handling to U.S. customers, $125. International customers please email Bob BEFORE purchase so he may compute shipping costs. Kentucky residents will be charged 6% tax on checkout. Drum and Stand shipped separately. 

Compact Powwow Drum with Stand & Accessories


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