A Powerful & Sacred Powwow Drum

The Buffalo Spirit Powwow Drum

The Only One Like It In The World

  • Made from a crosscut of a real tree, a really BIG tree, over six feet round
  • The largest powwow drum I've ever made
  • Can accommodate six or more drummers
  • One of only two powwow drums in the world (and I made the other one) to have pockets carved right inside the frame to hold sacred offerings

The Buffalo Spirit Drum seeks to honor a powerful and sacred lord of America's Great Plains. It was the buffalo which provided food, shelter, clothing, tools and many, many other life-sustaining necessities to the native peoples. And many saw the buffalo symbolically situated in the center of the great circle or wheel of life. So it is my sincere pleasure to dedicate this thunderous drum to the people and their mighty totem spirit.

This all natural drum was made by hand and took two years to complete. The drum stand, too, is a one-of-a-kind, as you will see below.

Buffalo Spirit Drum Features:

  • Frame: Cross-cut from a maple tree that was downed by natural causes
  • Dimensions: 74-inch circumference, 26-inch diameter, 5 1/2-inches height, 2-inches (varies) thick
  • Four "Drum Pockets" honor the four directions and hold offerings during ceremony. You will not find this feature on any other powwow drum in the world (except the Bear Drum, which I made several years ago and that now serves in a California tribal center).
  • Drumhead: Buffalo, fastened to 27 oak pegs embedded in the frame
  • Decorations: Woven fabric and silk-like cording sewn and intertwined on the pegs to form a beautiful tiara for the sacred buffalo
  • More Decorations: Wooden, glass, copper and natural stone beads hang from a white leather band that also encircles the drum and flows beneath the nameplate.
  • Drumsticks: 18-inch with deer suede on the top and handle

Drum Stand With Dancing Buffaloes:

  • Four hand-crafted inserts (see image, above left) are placed individually facing "Around The Sacred Circle," the four sacred directions, and feature images of buffaloes painted by Thunder Valley Drums artist Glenn W. Lewis. Each buffalo represents certain qualities associated with each direction, and are painted in the traditional Lakota Sioux colors generally attributed to each direction.
  • Once the drum is broken in and the bindings holding the buffaloes' inserts stretch a bit and relax, the buffaloes will "dance" a little up and down with each beat of the drum. That's because they are attached at a pivot point into the stand. (These can all be easily removed, too, for easy storage.)
  • Deer lacing with various beads, stones, copper and other selected materials flow down the frame beneath each buffalo.
  • The stand is made from cedar. Measures 24-inches high, 31-inches square.
  • Interlocking crosspieces come apart, so it can be unlocked and folded nearly flat for easy storage.

Special Nameplate:
       This is the first ever Thunder Valley Drums nameplate placed on the outside of a drum. Made from Lightning-Struck Cherry wood with laced round black leather, the nameplate is embedded into the frame and protects several small gem quality emerald flakes buried deep beneath it in the frame. Two Celtic Ogham (alphabet) letters are featured in the center, and represent my interpretation of them to mean "Live Free," the motto of Thunder Valley Drums (and Shaman Drums And More).


Play the Buffalo Spirit Drum and you will hear the thunder across the sky and feel it in your feet. Earth and Sky united.






The very special Buffalo Spirit Powwow Drum, unique in the world, singular in spirit.


  • 40 lb
  • Available
  • Will ship when ready1

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