Brother Thunder Powwow Drum

A beautiful and affordable American-made Powwow Drum featuring buffalo hide, a custom drum stand,

Bob's original decorations and four of his extra-large custom drumsticks.




Drum Features:

  • 20-inches across, 7" deep, weight about 6 pounds
  • This is a double-sided drum (drum heads on top and bottom) and can accommodate 4-6 drummers
  • The best buffalo hide covers the top and bottom of the drum and is slow-dried to assure the deepest, richest tone in a wide variety of weather conditions.
  • Thick buffalo hide lacing assures tightness and durability.
  • Lightweight for carrying, the exceptionally strong laminated maple hardwood frame is the best on the market. 
  • Four rawhide handles incorporated right into the drum (see photo for closeup of handles, marked with arrows)
  • Includes exclusive Brother Thunder Spirit Shield by Bob (read more details in Bob's Insights, below).
  • Bob also offers four of his original powwow drumsticks, (not shown in photos, since Bob will seek the buyer's preferences for colors).
  • Hear the Brother Thunder Powwow Drum on the main Thunder Valley Drums site.
  • Sorry but this drum cannot be exported


Drum Stand Features:

  • Custom-made to easily suspend this drum on the four posts (see photo)
  • Folds for convenient storage
  • Easy assembly required
  • Shipped separately
  • American made


Shipping and Tax Notes:

Drum and stand are available for immediate shipping.

Kentucky buyers will be charged 6% Sales Tax at checkout.

Brother Thunder Powwow Drum


  • Available
  • Ships within 1-3 days1

Brother Thunder Powwow Drum Gallery

(L-R) The Brother Thunder Powwow Drum, Closeup of Spirit Shield, Arrows denote handles on drum (that fit over the hooks on the custom-made drum stand), the Custom Drum Stand, Closeup Detail of Thick Lacing on the Drum, Spirit Shield

Bob's Insights

The Brother Thunder Powwow Drum has a story to tell. Yes, its voice is like thunder, and its broad shoulders, strong laminated maple frame and thick hide can withstand the rigors of powerful drumming and challenging weather. But that can be said of nearly all of the drums you see here at Thunder Valley. The real story is about the soul of this drum.


This Thunder drum is Lightning's brother. Brother Thunder. Rarely do they not make their presence known together. And when they travel fast, they begin to pile one on the other like two brothers wrestling, Lightning! Thunder! Light and Sound! Sound and Light! The crescendo can overwhelm our senses!


Many indigenous peoples speak of why the brothers act this way. Contrary to human understanding, the brothers act to give life while calming the malestrom of opposing principles in the atmosphere. Humidity builds, friction results, instability erupts! Storm!


In come the brothers to use their awesome powers to overwhelm the friction and return calm. And in the process, they spread the life-giving waters across the lands to the people and all of life.


This drum, then, seeks to recognize and honor the family of the Lightning Beings and the Thunderers with a Spirit Shield designed for them.  (For more information about the importance of sacred lightning in my own practice, please see the essay on the Downloads Page.)


I wrapped the sacred circle with copper-clad lace, and the crossbars with sky blue across the middle and white on the vertical, denoting Father Sky's life-giving waters and the bright white nature of the Lightning Beings streaking downward. In the center is the likeness of a lightning bolt which I fashioned from a piece of a cherry tree that had been struck by lightning. It's affixed in the center with a turquoise bead and copper stud. Soft suede lace and beads, including copper spacer beads, highlight the shield like falling rain.


Among many attributes and intentions for making a spirit shield, there are always these commonalities: the sacred task is meant to honor the spirits and strengthen our will. Affixed to a powerful drum, the shield is given a voice for all to hear, above and below, and all around. For All That Is.


Aho & Namaste,