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Brother Thunder Powwow Drum w/

Drum Stand


Features Bob's Hand-Made Spirit Shield


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A Powerful Powwow Drum Made From A Tree Trunk

To Honor Another Powerful Spirit:


"The Buffalo Spirit Powwow Drum"


Seven Things To Consider When Buying A Powwow Drum

powwow drums made from real trees and featuring carved pockets to hold sacred offerings
Before the drumhead was attached: The "Bear Drum," a powwow drum made from a real tree, with a totem carving (center right) and a view of two of the four womb-like receptacles around the frame to hold offerings. The only one of its kind in the world.


Why These  Powwow Drums Are



See, hear and watch the Buffalo Spirit Drum, here.


I guarantee you will never ever see drums like these anywhere but right here. NEVER.


Please know that I do not aim to boast, but to merely help you understand why these drums are so special.


Let me count the ways...

  1. I make these Powwow Drums from real trees, BIG TREES... that were felled by natural causes and reclaimed to live as drums. They are solid wood, crosscut from a tree (which woodworkers call a "cookie," um, these are some REALLY BIG COOKIES, like, more than six feet around!), then hollowed out. 
  2. These are the only drums in the world to have "pockets" carved out from inside the thick frames... in order to hold offerings that the drummers place into them before playing the drum. Each of the four pockets in a drum point East, West, North and South and can hold beads, seeds, stones, herbs, and/or other offerings meant to honor the sacred directions, the Earth Mother and All That Is.
  3. Each powwow drum has several other marks of distinction, too... including carvings, decorations, the number of pegs to hold down the drum head and, as with the current drum, a most unique drum stand. This stand sets four buffaloes in motion when the drum is played. These are expressions of the drum and its personality.
  4. Every powwow drum I make can take years to complete... because of the special all-natural process I employ to reclaim them and to make them. Each is considered an honored being and is treated with utmost respect through various ceremonies and treatments it receives once selected to become a powwow drum.
  5. Each powwow drum tells me its story through a series of encounters during my dreamtime. The first one I made, the Bear Drum (shown above, with more below in a photo display), set the precedent for this, and began by inspiring its design during our initial meeting in a cave, its den. From there, it would make many other suggestions over many months as we got to know each other.
  6. Every powwow drum I make contains Lightning-Struck wood, copper, emerald chips (buried deep within the frame)... and many other aids to promote a powerful connection with Spirit, as well as to fortify the spiritual healing ceremony it is involved in.
  7. THEY ARE RARE. Not many people wish to devote so much of their lives to such a long and painstaking pursuit. I can't imagine not doing so, but because of the length of time required, along with my other responsibilities, I can only make such a drum once in a while. So far, I have made TWO. I may be able to make three or four more before I retire. And that will be the end of the line for this small family of very special beings.




See The Buffalo Spirit Powwow Drum