The Wind Horse Lightning Drum

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Honoring The Perfect Radiance



The Wind Horse Drum speaks from its lightning core to boldly magnify and illuminate an allied shaman’s prayers and intentions for peace, spiritual healing and balance. The mystical union of two hearts joined in the perfect radiance of service to all of life, All That Is.


Watch the video below for more details and to hear Wind Horse's beautiful voice (depending on the audio qualities of your device, which may not have adequate reproduction of bass).


Or simply be with this medicine drum for a time and merge with its essence, no sound needed.

No words necessary.


The Wind Horse Lightning Drum honors the perfect radiance of healing


A drum is known for its sound, and this beautiful drum will become known for that. Presently, though, there is a healer somewhere in the world who will hear the drum, not with ears, but with a compassionate heart. And the person will immediately recognize the singular vibration which is the heartbeat of this ally drum, even from far away. 


Then, the couple will meet. 


And that is when the world will hear the rhythm of drum and drummer, two hearts as one. As quiet as the dawn, as big as the sky. 


(Video at right)


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Details And Pricing

Wind Horse Lightning Drum

Now Sold

The Drum

  • Lightning-Struck Maple 
  • Girth 44-inches (round); Height 5-inches; Diameter Drumhead 14-inches (varies); frame 2-inches thick (varies)
  • Elk Rawhide Drum Head with Buffalo Lacing
  • Suede Cowhide Grip (on bottom) 
  • Tiara: A braided combination of silky Royal Blue hemmed material, trimmed and hemmed; selected sections of a Tibetan Natural Silk Embroidery Hada Khata Scarf with Eight Auspicious Signs, hemmed; deer lacing with wooden beads; Handmade 6-gauge solid copper "Heart of Compassion"
  • Thunder Valley Drums Nameplate conceals emerald chips buried in the frame 


Drum Stand

  • Bob constructed the stand with recovered maple crosspieces on top, a short section of a trunk from a Lightning-Struck cedar tree in the middle, and sections cut from recovered 100-year-old weathered cedar fence posts and hardwood struts on the bottom. 
  •  The stand is beautifully hand finished with beeswax and oil



  • 13 1/2-inches long, 2 3/4-inches round about 1-inch thick
  • Handle wrapped in blue suede deer lacing, and the top covered with pure dyed silk and tied with matching blue lace


Wind Horse Lightning Drum


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Bob's Thoughts About The Wind Horse Lightning Drum

Example of a Wind Horse prayer flag.


While we in the Western World may know little of the beautiful ancient Asian concept of Wind Horse, it is not too late. Though its likely shamanic roots are now mostly buried in a long forgotten past, and its interpretation recalculated by many cultures over time, its core is believed to have remained. Personally, I think that’s because it is a spiritual Truth beyond words, but knowable in the heart and ever existing. Human words, selfish prejudices or political deeds cannot abrogate it. Nor can it be owned, sold or traded by declaration. Rather, it is free for the taking.


Those in authority, which is to say scholars, teachers and practitioners, propose Wind Horse to be defined on many layers, from the more superficial (as in good luck) to the more substantial (as in being at the center of the force of creation itself). Somewhere in between rests the beautiful interpretation of it being a means by which prayers for good health, prosperity and a well-balanced life are carried by the wind to touch all beings, to be inhaled or absorbed with the very breath of life. It is symbolized on prayer flags the world over, and in that sense, it is succeeding in spreading heartfelt prayer to all beings.


Though certainly not an expert of the concept as it exists in its cultural context, I am perfectly willing to honor Wind Horse in the form of this spiritually nourishing drum from my heart's perspective. As such, it is a means for the expression of a free and joyful universe. Its very purpose is the transformation of the lesser into the greater, ill health into better health through illumination and transmission of intentioned service. 


The drum is a blessed offspring of an earlier union between a Lightning Being and a sacred tree, brought together like lovers in one bright, transcendent flash, the portents of which suggest a lasting enlightenment contained in the Wind Horse Drum’s heart and deep into its interstitial zestful essence. 


At its core, Wind Horse is about wholeness and lifting to the highest potential. The Wind Horse Lightning Drum is one with that accord, heart to heart. 


Beyond words.  

Closeup of the Wind Horse Lightning Drum

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