The Thunder Horse Lightning Drum


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         The New Thundr Marr (Thunder Horse) Drum

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Most of the old shamans (including this one) will tell you plain as day...their drums are their horses. It's because the drum becomes one's most trusted conveyance to the worlds where answers and healing helpers await. And in sacred ceremony, the mighty triad of drum, horse and shaman become one, inseparable, driven by Divine power.
It is to honor this noble shamanic truth that the Thundr Marr Drum was created. It hearkens to the healing practices of the North People, those in Siberia and environs, where shamanism is said to have originated, and to their rich traditions which filtered around the globe, including down into the Celtic lands. (You can learn more in the videos below and on the blog.) In English, the name means Thunder Horse.

So, to ride the Thunder Horse shamanic drum is to gallop onto the path of power in order to provide spiritual service to self and others. You can do it because you are ready to break free from the imprisoning chains of consensus, conformist reality. You would not be reading this, not be visiting this site unless you have done the work to finally break out. And you know that while others long to find a new way, they have not yet sensed the deep wisdom of the Earth and the call of Spirit like that which has awakened you. You can lend them a hand...and your heart.

It is your time. Time to live free.

So, I invite you to sit a while with this very feminine helping ally drum. Feel her energy, hear her voice, dance with her guardian. They both have stories to tell... of challenges past and triumphs future. And if you feel their power, then maybe this is your drum.

Thunder Horse Lightning Drum

A sacred shamanic drum made from a lightning-struck maple tree. Accompanied by a special rattan basket to serve as a drum stand and as an attractive and convenient storage vessel for placement on your altar.

Thunder Horse Lightning Drum


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Features of the Thundr Marr Lightning Drum

The Drum

*     Made of a cross section of a real lightning-struck maple tree. Lightning "tracks" are visible throughout the frame.


*     Dimensions /Weight: Oval, womb shape measures

11 1/2-inches at the widest, and 12-inches at the longest. Is 3 1/4-inches-inches deep, and the frame thickness averages about 1 1/2-inches. Weight: Drum, about 2.5 lbs., With Basket, about 9 lbs.

*     Rawhide drum head is tied with elk lacing, then trimmed with real white rabbit fur and a tiara of braided deer lacing studded with real copper beads. End of braids gathered with copper and turquoise (colors white and turquoise) beads.

*     The grip under the drum (see photo, above right) is covered with suede lacing, and studded with copper beads. A genuine Thunder Valley Drums nameplate of authenticity is set into the inside frame and protects emerald chips buried beneath it, as with all Thunder Valley Lightning Drums.


*    Includes a very special hardwood drumstick with matching head and handle, copper sheet overlay and rabbit fur (see photo at right)


        THE BASKET:
    Sturdy wood reinforced woven rattan with leather trim provides maximum protection, a convenient drum stand and an attractive centerpiece for your sacred altar . Measures 20-inches wide, 14-inches deep, 8-inches high (Not made by TVD)

*     Original painted "Horse" plaque on front of basket is fastened with matching lace.

*     Interior bottom covered with rabbit fur to provide a comfortable and protective nest for Thundr Marr, while two coffee-dyed woven straps fasten to the corners with metal buckles and crisscrosses the center to provide a neat platform on which to play the drum.

Hear Thunder Horse Now!

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Important Notes:
1. This beautiful drum was made in the old ways, and as such, it provides the opportunity for you to stay in contact with the lightning-struck wood of the frame while playing it. This is my preferred method of sacred drumming with such a rare instrument. In days gone by (mostly), many shamanic drummers were not so particular about the sound their drums made, as the point was to connect with All That Is through repeated rhythm. Modern Americans, and probably people of other cultures, seem nowadays to prefer loud booming drums. Fine. But with this drum, the sound will vary according to the weather. Wet days, and it will sound flat. Sunny, dry days, and it will have a taut tone. In between days, mellow and rounded voice. So if sound is all that matters to you, and particularly if you live in a wet climate, you can expect that the drum's voice will fluctuate. It is a lovely part of owning an all natural drum that one becomes aware that a drum partner needs love and attention, just like you do. It will become a beautiful part of your sacred existence to care for such a wonderful friend and ally. And believe me, she will return the favor! Should you be a shamanic practitioner, you probably know what I mean. Otherwise, if you live in a wet climate, this may not be the drum for you, even though it's pretty easy to keep a drum in tune by gently heating it via the sun, a hair dryer, a light bulb, or even (and the best!) hugging it to your chest to share some body heat.

2. International customers, please email me if you are interested in purchasing this drum and if your country is not yet listed on the following shipping list. So far, I can ship to the U.S., Canada, Australia and Europe.