See & Hear The Lightning Eagle Drum

Eagle Lightning-Struck Drum



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About This Wonderful Medicine Drum

From its strong, solid maple frame to its sturdy stick "nest," The Eagle Drum will be an uplifting partner and helper along your sacred path. When resting on its nest, the Eagle Drum ensemble measures about two feet high, just right for playing it while sitting in a chair. There are plenty of suede streamers to use to tie the drum to the stand, too. And off the nest, this regal drum has a soft suede padded grip underneath to make it easy to hold and play.

This is a perfect drum to aid your shamanic journey, as well as to join with others in a drum circle, as it carries the transformational power and energy of the Lightning Beings that empowered this drum when it was part of tree hit by lightning. (You can read more about the importance of lightning in these drums here.)

If Eagle has flown into your consciousness, know that Spirit is near and that it is guiding and protecting your journey. Join with it now in healing service to others and to All That Is by soaring with your Eagle Drum.





  • Solid Maple Frame, about an inch thick, with a 37-inch circumference.
  • Because the drum came from a tree, it offers slightly different tones when struck at different places on the drum head. You will often hear two tones at once!
  • The Drum measures  about 13-inches long, varying to 10-inches wide, about 4-inches high, and weighs about two pounds.
  • Durable goatskin drum head with rawhide lacing.
  • Decorations include several feet of deer suede lacing, many pure copper beads (from Africa), and several ancient crinoid "Indian Beads."
  • Free drumstick included with purchase.


  • Handmade from assorted tree limbs (many of which came from a lightning-struck tree on the same property that the drum's parent tree grew on), double reinforced with screws. Ships assembled so all you have to do is pull it from the shipping box. No assembly required!
  • Measures 15-inches wide, depth tapers from 12 1/2-inches at the bottom to 8 1/2-inches at the top, and a height of about 19 1/2-inches. The stand weighs about two pounds.
  • Decorated with several feet of deer suede lacing.


The drum is now sold, but please have a look at the other beautiful Lightning Drums that you may love to have in your sacred journey.


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The Eagle Lightning-Struck Medicine Drum, the only one in the world.


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