The Beautiful Hummingbird Shamanic Drum

12-Inch Hummingbird Drum


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Hummingbird Drum Features:

  • The "Hummingbird" is a 12-Inch Shamanic Hoop Drum with Rawhide Drum Head (elk or deer, depending on availability). 
  •  Every Decorated Hoop Drum (not including Basic and Budget Drums) comes with a FREE Shamanic Empowerment Gift! Includes herbs & special piece of LIGHTNING-STRUCK wood on copper wire with emerald chips! 
  • Lightweight Laminated Maple Frame
  • Basic Or Decorated Versions (see details below)
  • Rawhide Lace Ties
  • Innovative Tying on Back Facilitates Handling
  • Lightning-Struck Wood Piece is provided to you to attach anywhere of your choosing. (Read more about the importance of LS wood in the free downloadable e-Booklet available on the Free Downloads Page.)
  • Read what Hummingbird Drum buyers think of this beautiful ally. This link will take you to the Hummer comments page on the Thunder Valley Drums site.
  • Cannot be exported beyond U.S.


A Note About Decorations, Painting and Timing:


A decorated drum includes several feet of sumptuous deer suede lacing and/or bunched yarns (depends on availability) and beads meticulously wrapped and secured to your drum. This is a time consuming job, but well worthwhile in providing a comfortable grip and unsurpassed beauty to your healing ally drum.


Choose the Painted option to have your favorite totem animal (or other subject) painted on your drum.* The fee for one image on this drum is included. (If you want more than one subject painted on the same drum, or if the artist determines that the subject is very complex and / or highly detailed like in a complex repeating pattern, there is an additional fee of $25 per subject. I will notify you if either of these conditions apply.) Please note: Bob will contact you with an estimated finish date once the artist schedules your drum for painting.



*Due to the drums' popularity, Bob is now working on a slight delay of about two weeks before he can make your drum. 


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The Hummingbird is a beautiful mid-size hand drum with a colorful voice and distinctive appearance.


  • 1.5 lb
  • Available
  • Generally ships in two weeks, or as soon as Bob can make it for you.1


Bob's Insights About the Hummingbird Drum


This 12-inch drum is a real treasure, just like its namesake. It possesses such WONDERFUL energy and liveliness that every time I worked on the prototype I had the impression of Hummingbird, the beautiful totemic animal associated with high energy and joy. And fierceness! Pound for pound, or rather I should say ounce for ounce, the hummingbird is one of the most fearless warrior birds on the wing, very protective of its family and home.


The Hummer's mystical qualities are legendary, too, including even the pattern it draws when moving its wings-- in the shape of the sign of infinity (the figure 8). Thus, it's often associated with rebirth, new life, hope and renewal. All in all, this is a dramatic dynamo of energy, protection and even the projection of hope and spiritual healing. What wonderful energy for a drum!


And, as they say, great things come in small packages. It sounds fantastic! (Click the sound file below to hear it yourself.)


The Decorated Version of the Hummingbird Drum is constantly evolving, no two are alike, so the photos are only a guideline for the beautiful drum you can expect to receive!


The 12-Inch Hummingbird Drum... a lightweight and superbly crafted ally for your spiritual journey. I would be honored to make one for you now.

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Customer Comments About The Hummingbird Drum

(Please See More Comments About This Drum on the

Thunder Valley Drums Site HERE)


(Decorated, Painted Hummingbird Drum,

Three emails. See photos of this drum on the Blog)


Greetings, Bob:)

     (Email 1) My Drum Partner has arrived home, safe and sound!!! Your saying that he is BEAUTIFUL is an understatement!!! I am in awe of your and Glenn's talent. Thank you both from the bottom of my heart:) His energy is powerful! So is the energy from the necklace! They are both resting now and acclimating to their new environment. We have already bonded and are looking forward to doing energy work together.


     (Email 2) My Drum Partner was well rested by this evening, so I used your lovely package of herbs and sweetgrass for the blessing ceremony. I attached the lightening-struck wood with emeralds, as I found this a sweet touch. Thank you:) I must say that the sound is melodious and deep. I feel the vibration in my heart and soul! We are true partners and I have you and Glenn to thank. Please accept my deepest regards. I am in awe yet again!


     (Email 3) I just want to tell you how much I love the medicine bag you sent to me. I always hear about them and am so happy to have my own. It is very beautiful! It is a very generous gift, as are the other gifts, too:) Now I will be able to carry stones to let people use when they complain of headaches, etc. That happens a lot at work;)



Namaste  --Pennsylvania



(Decorated, Painted Hummingbird Drum)

Greetings, Bob:)

     My Drum Partner has arrived home, safe and sound!!! Your saying that he is BEAUTIFUL is an understatement!!! I am in awe of your and Glenn's talent. Thank you both from the bottom of my heart:) His energy is powerful! So is the energy from the necklace! They are both resting now and acclimating to their new environment. We have already bonded and are looking forward to doing energy work together.


Love, light, peace and blessings. --Pennsylvania



(Decorated Hummingbird Drum)


The drum is beautiful! I cant stop staring! Your artist captured Nikki perfectly. I was having a rough day and as soon as i held it i found peace! The tone is rich and deep. I will enjoy putting the decorations on the drum. I have also put your name and drum's picture on my Instagram and Facebook. Thanks again,


Blessings. --Kentucky

(Comments continue in the right column. Also find more comments on the original Thunder Valley Drums site)

two decorated and painted Hummingbird Drums for a husband and wife
Two Hummingbird Drums Ready To Send To Their New Husband and Wife owners.

                         (Decorated Hummingbird Drum)

Hi Bob,
     The drum arrived last Wednesday, I got a few minutes to connect with it then but only got to drum properly on Sunday. I have to admit there were tears when we connected and Sunday was beautiful. I'm so delighted with her and I know we'll have a wonderful journey together.

Thank you again so much, I love the decorations and it's so light I could drum for hours. As it's my first drum I'm looking forward to learning with her and getting to know her voice as well. I really can't express fully how grateful I am to you and what you've done for me, you are a truly gifted creator. X



(Hummingbird Drum)

Hello Bob,

     Yes I received the drum just today and it is beautiful, better than I imagined. We are already connecting and I know before too long we will become trusted friends. Thank you so much for your service as you went above and beyond. I'll definitely be recommending your web site to people. --Idaho



(Painted Hummingbird Drum)

Hello Bob!

     I received my drum yesterday and I must say that I waited a bit to open it so I could spend time in taking in its energy and reveling in its beauty!


WOW!! It is absolutely gorgeous! I LOVE IT!!! I can't wait to bring it to FL and play it along with you and the other guests of the workshop. I have no doubts it will be a rich spiritual experience. 

Thank you times a million for this very special gift. I am staring at it as I write this and falling into its majesty!

All my best to you! --Minnesota


(Purchased a painted TVD Thunder Drum and a painted Hummingbird Drum)

Bob.  WOW!!!!!

I have no proper words for our new drums. (We) are stunned. I knew they would be nice but they're beyond beautiful. God bless you and the artist for the work you do. I really don't know what to say. I will include you both in my meditation and prayers every day. I mean that.

God bless, Aho and Namaste. --John in New Jersey


(Painted Hummer)

Hi, Bob,
      The drum is so beautiful and I know the folks will be thrilled!

Someday we will meet in person and I can give you a big hug for everything! Please tell Glenn (the artist) that he is amazing and I am sending blessings to him!  --Minnesota


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