Lightweight, Lightning Fast Firefly Drum

Firefly Drum

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Firefly Drum Features:

  • Every Decorated Hoop Drum (not including Basic and Budget Drums) comes with a FREE Shamanic Empowerment Gift! Includes herbs & special piece of LIGHTNING-STRUCK wood on copper wire with emerald chips! 
  • The Firefly is a Shamanic Hoop Drum, finished size 9 3/4-inches diameter, laminated hardwood
  • Drum head is made from rawhide, whether horse, deer, cow or elk, depending on availability (only goat or horse may be exported outside U.S.)
  • Elk and/or deer lacing
  • Basic or Decorated Versions (please see choices below)
  • Real LIGHTNING-STRUCK Wood Piece included.
  • A great "second drum" to have when you don't want to transport a larger one. Wonderful to have on hand to lend to a friend during a drumming circle, too. Its note is higher, distinctive.
  • And, if you're just starting out along the path and don't want to spend a lot before you know whether you will want to proceed, this is a perfect drum. It will last a long, long time, like all the other drums Bob makes, and will keep its value, should you wish to sell it to someone else in the future. That's the difference that quality makes.
  • Keep in mind, though, that this is a small drum, just a bit wider than a sheet of typing paper. It's great for transporting in a backpack or large purse and extremely lightweight. 
  • Cannot be exported beyond U.S.


 A Note About Decorations, Painting and Timing:

 A decorated drum includes several feet of sumptuous deer suede lacing and/or bunched yarns (depends on availability) and beads meticulously wrapped and secured to your drum. This is a time consuming job, but well worthwhile in providing a comfortable grip and unsurpassed beauty to your healing ally drum.


Choose the Painted option to have your favorite totem animal (or other subject) painted on your drum.* On this drum the fee for one image is included. (If you want more than one subject painted on the same drum, or if the artist determines that the subject is very complex and / or highly detailed like in a complex repeating pattern, there is an additional fee of $25 per subject. I will notify you if either of these conditions apply.) Please note: There will be a temporary delay of three to four weeks in having your drum painted. 


*Due to the drums' popularity, I am now working on a delay of about two to three weeks before I can make your drum. 


Many thanks. --Bob 


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The extremely lightweight 10-Inch Firefly Drum, Specially Made For You By Shaman Bob


  • 1 lb
  • Available
  • Generally ships in two weeks, or as soon as Bob can make it for you.1

Hear The Firefly Drum Now!

Firefly Drum in an enchanted world
A Firefly Drum in the Middle World with Firefly Spirits

Bob's Insights About the Firefly Drum


The Firefly Drum is so lightweight it's like holding a firefly in your hand. But when you play it, oh, you will make lightning! And that's because this sacred drum wears its heart on its sleeve, a specially made piece of LIGHTNING-STRUCK WOOD that you can fasten to the outside of the rim. It is the heart of lightning! (Photos here feature Decorated Versions of the Firefly along with the Custom Drumstick (decorations will vary.)


The smallest drum I make, at 9 3/4-inches across (diameter), the Firefly is quite inexpensive, too, even though you will experience nothing but quality when you hold it and play it. Several plies of strong hardwood make this a very sturdy frame, and I add a 1/8-inch cowhide or elk lacing (depending on availability) to hold down the rawhide drum head.


The Firefly Drum is so well suited for travel, or to carry in a backpack or rucksack for drumming in the wilderness. Yes, its distinctive note is light, nearly playful, but in ceremony or when participating in a sacred drumming circle, this drum is all business, a serious healing ally.


Tap the Firefly Drum. It is sound become light.

Customer Comments

You can read a LOT more comments about the Firefly Drum from other customers on the original Thunder Valley Drums site!)


Hi Bob,
Yes, it has arrived and I absolutely love it! It is beautiful and perfect!!!! 

Thank you so much for the beautiful medicine bag as well! When we opened the bag and smelled the sweet grass my husband and I both were shocked cause the sweet grass is exactly what we had been smelling around our home since the day you had birthed my beautiful drum. Was it around sweet grass at all during that time? (Bob's answer: "Yes! And Bear Root, too!) Also, what is the drum made of? (Answer: horse) I believe it is cow hide but just want to be sure. :) My beautiful drum and I are going to be great partners for years to come! Thank you so much for making this such an awesome experience! I will definitely be coming to you for any future needs! I appreciate you and all you do, Bob! :)
Blessings.  --Lisa in California

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