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Most popular choice for Shamans, Reiki masters, Alternative Healers, Meditation Practitioners, Musicians and Drum Circle Drummers

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Personally Handmade For You


Whether you are a shamanic practitioner, a Reiki or other alternative healer, a meditation lover, musician or just prefer to express yourself in drum circles, a hoop drum is the preferred choice the world over. That's because these drums are sturdy, lightweight, sound great and are more economical than Lightning Drums or or other specialty instruments. 


Bob's drums are currently used by healers and other drummers around the world because no matter the intended use for them, they are handmade personally for each buyer. Bob actually lets you know ahead the day your drum is to be born, and invites your energetic participation no matter where you are. Your involvement adds wonderful energy to the "newborn" and helps prepare both of you for a lifetime union.


Would you like such a hoop drum to be made for you?

Three Drum Sizes To Choose From With Many Options To Personalize

decorated Firefly drum from Shaman Drums And Mroe
A decorated Firefly Drum

The 10-Inch

"Firefly Drum"

  • Lightweight
  • Easily Fits Luggage or Backpack
  • Durable
  • Made By Bob For You
  • Same Quality Materials as Larger Drums

Includes Complimentary

Empowerment Kit & More for Decorated Drums*


Prices Start at $80

Decorated, painted Hummingbird Drum from Shaman Drums And More
Decorated, painted Hummingbird Drum

The 12-Inch

"Hummingbird Drum"

  • Unique Drum-Tie Style Facilitates Handling
  • Substantial Voice
  • Most Popular Size
  • Many Options Available
  • Made By Bob For You


Includes Complimentary

Empowerment Kit & More for Decorated Drums*


Prices Start At $100

a painted Thunder Drum from Shaman Drums And More
A painted Thunder Drum

The 15-Inch

"Thunder Drum"

  • Large Yet Lightweight
  • Maple Frame
  • Big Voice
  • Bob's Premier Hoop Drum
  • Made By Bob For You

Includes Complimentary

Empowerment Gift & More for Decorated Drums*

Prices Start At $165

free shamanic empowerment kit with decorated drums from Shaman Drums And More


With Every Decorated Drum

(Does Not incl. Budget Drums)

Shamanic Empowerment Gift

To Help You Energize Your Beautiful

New Drum... AND You!



  • Small bag of Herbs for Smudging
  • Lightning-Struck Wood on Copper Coil w/ Emerald Chip (To learn more about the importance of these items, check out the FREE Downloads Page)

Find budget drums at Shaman Drums And More dot com
Budget Drums in sizes and colors

Budget Drums

  • Made To Bob's Specifications in the U.S.A.
  • Three Sizes: 10-Inch, 12-Inch, 15-Inch
  • Colors Available
  • Many Options Available At Slight Additional Cost (See listing for details)

Prices Start At $65

decorated drumsticks at Shaman Drums And More
Decorated drumsticks bloom here everyday!

Drumsticks Bloom Here Everyday!

  • Genuine Suede Leather Drumstick Head
  • Bunched Yarn Decorations Also Form A Soft, Soft Handle
  • Natural Wood Sticks Harvested From Downed Sources
  • No Two Alike!
  • Exclusive to Shaman Drums And More & Thunder Valley Drums
  • Handmade by Bob

Colors Vary According To Material Availability


See MORE PHOTOS of the drums in this Flipbook, "Some Drum Love"

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