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Frame types for shamanic drums from Shaman Drums And More
Three Sizes To Choose From


Size Matters

Facts to know about the size of a drum:

Sizes Shown Here (top to bottom) 10" - 12" - 15"



  • The easier it is to pack in a suitcase/backpack, and to carry
  • The lighter in weight it will be
  • The higher the tone


  • The deeper its tone will be
  • The greater its heft will be

    The more it will care for you! You will receive a "Use and Care of Your Drum" pdf booklet with your purchase to help you along!

     All Thunder Valley Hoop Drums are made from lightweight, laminated frames, which makes them quite resonant and easier to play over extended periods.

A handpainted shamanic hoop drum from Shaman Drums And More
"WHAT? Appearance is optional?"


You Have A Say!


     What? Appearance is optional? A drum is just a drum, right?


     Well, not exactly.


     All drums from Shaman Drums And More feature resonant, laminated frames and most are offered in either a Basic Version or a Decorated Version (excepting the Budget Drums, which do not offer a decorated version).


     You can also select the option to have your drum painted by our resident artist, Glenn Lewis. (The painted option is not available on Budget Drums.) He can paint your animal totem, just like he did for the ones shown above or throughout this site, or any other image you supply (subject to his approval). Just choose the "Painting" option on any "Buy Now" button you see with a drum, and Bob will contact you to help you know how to find a proper painting. Choosing more than one subject to be painted is also an option, at slightly additional cost.


     As you shop for drums here, you'll see many examples of decorated drums, too!

Drum styles vary from midway wrap (where drum head is tied around the middle of the frame), to full wrap (when the head covers the entire frame). The drum (above, left) is a full wrap version, and the other two are half wrap. Various samples of each are featured on the hoop drum pages. Bob will discuss more about this with you at the time you purchase a drum, via email, if you like.

Shaman Drums Factoids

12-inch hoop drum from Shaman Drums and More
A 12-inch hoop drum



     Shaman Bob makes all of the drums featured on this site (except the Budget Drums) using the best all-natural materials he can find. He features hoop drum frames made for Shaman Drums and More with the requirement for sturdiness and lightweight qualities that will allow you to play your drum longer and not get tired. He makes the frames for Lightning-Struck drums himself from lightning-struck trees.


Rawhide on the drums is buffalo, goat, elk, deer, cow or horse (these last two are the only hides available for international orders),depending on availability. All of these are combined into drums considered to be sacred expressions of the wheel of life and honored partners. The Budget Drums are American made to Bob's specifications.


     Shaman Bob makes your drum in the old ways, and prefers to make it for you personally instead of making a bunch of drums ahead of time. After you purchase a drum, he will contact you via email and open a discussion about your preferences. That way, you know you are getting a unique drum made especially for you. He also assures that your drum is properly and respectfully prepared for you through various rituals and ceremonies to cleanse and energize your drum. Other drums may have been ordered before you ordered yours, so he makes them in the order that orders are received. Thus, it can take some time to make your drum. When you get one of Bob's drums, you know it is not from a slam-bang drum manufacturer! And once you receive your drum, you will know for sure that it was worth the wait!

lightning wood decoration from Shaman Drums And More
A Lightning Wood decoration



     Most all drums on this site are made from or contain sacred Lightning-Struck Wood, a Shaman Drums and More exclusive feature. The Lightning Drums, of course, are made from this wood, as are the Lightning Sticks and other items Bob makes by hand.

     You will receive a small piece of Lightning-Struck wood with your Decorated Hoop Drum. Read more about L-S Wood here, or download the free e-Booklet found on the Free Downloads Page.

sacred herbs are added to your Shaman Drums And More drum



     Bob adds a mixture of herbs with your drum to use in smudging your drum and yourself when you receive it. This is a part of your FREE Shamanic Empowerment Gift that comes with decorated versions and is a perfect way to begin a sacred relationship with your new drum partner.

About Sound Files


Hoop drums made with all-natural materials will vary in sound because the animal hide used for the drum heads varies in thickness and texture. The sound files on this site, then, will probably differ slightly from the sound of your particular drum, although they are good guidelines. Also, your computer's speakers may alter the sound, too. And let's face it, Bob is a drum maker, not a recording expert!

how to care for your hoop drum



     Owning a drum made from natural materials is a partnership of care, respect and deep reverence. Together, the two of you are healers and seekers, and it all begins by taking care of each other. It is in the routine and ritual of caring for another that the richness of life emerges.


     Any drum with a natural hide drum head will tend to lose some, sometimes a lot, of its tone in rainy or very humid weather. It is a part of its natural qualities, and it is easily overcome by slightly heating the drum head a few minutes in the sun, under a lamp, near a campfire, or even with a hairdryer or rapidly rubbing your hand over the drum head. You will receive full details for taking care of your drum at the time of your purchase.


You can also learn about the different ways drums are tied (below), and why Bob is now tending toward one specific style to help your drum stay strong in high humidity.

Many, many thanks for visiting Shaman Drums And More's "Drum Buying Guide."

Now you're ready to have Bob make one of these drums for you!