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Making a Lightning Drum for http://www.ShamanDrumsAndMore
Bob works on a large Lightning Drum.

Lightning Drums

A True Shamanic Drum

  • Bob Makes These Rare and Beautiful Drums From Crosscut Sections of Lightning-Struck Hardwood Trees
  • Unparalleled Craftsmanship and Painstaking Attention to Detail Can Take Years To Complete
  • Each Drum Is Unique, No Two Alike, Impossible to Duplicate
  • Previously Made Lightning Drums Are Owned By Healers Around The World

A Lightning-Powered Buffalo Spirit Drum from Shaman Drums And More
The Buffalo Spirit Powwow Drum

Powwow Drums

Made For Multiple Players

  • Hand-Made By Bob From A Crosscut Section of a Naturally-Felled Tree
  • LARGE! Over 6-Feet Round
  • Six Or More People Can Play Simultaneously
  • Honor The Thunder
  • 2-Years In The Making
  • Custom Drum Stand and Drumsticks
  • Unique & Beautiful Handmade Decorations

Hoop Drums from Shaman Drums And More
Samples of some hoop drums available

Hoop Drums

  • Shamanic / Reiki / Meditation / Musician / Drum Circle Drums Made By Bob Specifically For You
  • Three Sizes To Choose From
  • Low-Cost Decorative Options
  • Artist Glenn Lewis Exclusive Painting of Your Totem Animal or Other Image (Optional)
  • Includes FREE Shaman Drums & More "Shamanic Empowerment Gift" for Decorated Drums (See listings for details)
  • Custom Made Drumsticks

Here's a NEW FlipBook Featuring Thunder Valley's Hoop Drums!

Budget drums from Shaman Drums And More
Budget Hoop Drums from Shaman Drums and More

Budget Hoop Drums

  • Made To Bob's Specs
  • Three Sizes
  • Includes Red and Blue Colors in Smaller Sizes
  • Several Low-Cost Options Available (however, no decoration options are offered for the Budget Drums)


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