About Shaman Drums And More

This site, a sister with Thunder Valley Drums, represents a major part of my life's work, which is a vow of service to and dedication to all life. I learn this by doing, as in affirmation and making the sacred items you see here, and by un-doing, as in unplugging from past programming. Oh, I haven't reached those ultimate goals yet, but I maintain the vow. I share what I know through classes, a few blogs and, of course, these drums and everything else in hopes that you find them helpful in your own quest. Your purchases help continue

                                                           this work, and I sincerely appreciate your trust and friendship.


Here's A Video Introduction


Shaman Drums And More

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This is a sister site with Thunder Valley Drums, which offers identical drums and other things you see here.

Just For Fun! The Lightning Logo from Thunder Valley Drums (video)