A 360-Degree Rotating View of a Finished Thunder Drum

Around A Drum, Around The World

With the exception of Antarctica, you'll now find a Thunder Valley Drum on every continent. (Okay, Antarctica, let's get this corrected! :) That's because the beat is spreading around the world, the beat of a different drummer, the beat of people who are ready to break out and express their hearts in the way of honoring All That Is in a more natural way. Drums are good for the heart and soul...of all.


It's not just the drums I make, of course. There are good drums and drum makers all around this beautiful planet. 

But every time someone orders a drum from me, I usually enter into an email conversation with them and am surprised at the number who tell me that they are new to shamanism or other alternative healing method and are reorienting their spiritual direction. It gives me great hope.


So while we may watch this short video and see a drum going round and round, we may also be seeing the turning of a new world.


Aho & Namaste.

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