It's A Real Survivor

This will be the first year ever that I will have made more than one Lightning Drum. And just as with the others, this drum has quite a mysterious story to tell, beginning with its mere survival. You see, this drum dates back more than 10 years on an isolated West Virginia hilltop where Father Sky often meets Mother Earth for passionate embrace and the birth of a Lightning Child.

No, that is not this drum's name. Nor did it choose the name Survivor Drum, though it well could have done so, given its tenacious character when many others perished beside it. For certain, though, it is the last of its kind.


I will tell you more about it when it's introduced in a few weeks. For now, below is a photo of its drum stand in progress on my workbench. 



new drum stand for a new lighting drum to be unveiled in november 2016
Drum stand for the newest Lightning Drum, coming soon. Like the drum itself, the stand reflects the strong character of a survivor. It is made from recovered fence posts that are 100 years old.

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