New Site To Debut September 15, 2016

First Makeover in Years!

It's been long overdue! So at last the NEW Thunder Valley Drums site (the sister site with this one) will step into the limelight on September 15. Excited!

You'll find it a lot easier to navigate, and it's prettier too. In addition, you'll discover TWO new initiatives to help communities in need. (More on that later.) So stay tuned!

new thunder valley drums website screenshot
Screenshot of the new Thunder Valley Drums website (photo is in low resolution)

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Thunder Valley Drums Blog

A WOW New Powwow Drum!
I cannot say enough about this new Native American powwow drum I just added to Thunder Valley Drums site. It’s WOW!  It’s double-sided (meaning there is a rawhide drum head on both the top and bottom of the drum), and measures 20″ x 7″ with a laminated maple frame. The buffalo rawhide assures a … Continue reading A WOW New Powwow Drum! →
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A Note From Stian in Santa’s Playground
I’m sure that this is Santa’s playgound! And some people have all the luck by getting to live there. It was great to hear from friend Stian once again this week. You’ll recall it was about a year ago when this shamanic practitioner began sending notes from his hometown in Bodø, Norway following his purchase … Continue reading A Note From Stian in Santa’s Playground →
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