A Drum Buyer Shares Her Thoughts & A Photo of Her New Hummingbird Drum

The Hummingbird In Its Nest

hummingbird drum from thunder valley drums and shaman drums and more
A Hummingbird In Its Nest

The Hummingbird In The Garden

Hummingbird Drum with a hummingbird painting from Shaman Drums & More and Thunder Valley Drums
A Hummingbird In The Garden

Filling The Heart

What a thrill to receive photos from a wonderful customer! Luanne, a Reiki practitioner and healer from Pennsylvania, sent along a shot of her new Hummingbird Drum hanging on the wall in her home. It sure seems perfectly at home, so it's only natural to think of it as a Hummingbird in its nest. I couldn't resist adding a photograph of the drum, too! We always take pictures of drums before sending them off to their new owners, so this time (photo below left) it's the Hummingbird in the Garden!


It’s easy to see Glenn Lewis’s masterful touch with the painting of a Hummingbird amid beautiful flowers. The Hummer has always been a special symbol and friend, according to Luanne. And she liked the drum’s sound, too. Here are a few emails from her, the first having to do with the drum’s arrival, and the second recounting the special smudging ceremony she performed with it. Note that she also references her receipt of a Lightning Necklace in the package too :


Greetings, Bob:)

My Drum Partner has arrived home, safe and sound!!! Your saying that he is BEAUTIFUL is an understatement!!! I am in awe of your and Glenn’s talent. Thank you both from the bottom of my heart:) His energy is powerful! So is the energy from the necklace! They are both resting now and acclimating to their new environment. We have already bonded and are looking forward to doing energy work together.


Love, light, peace and blessings,


Here’s her second email from a day or two later:


My Drum Partner was well rested by this evening, so I used your lovely package of herbs and sweetgrass for the blessing ceremony. I attached the lightening-struck wood with emeralds, as I found this a sweet touch. Thank you:) I must say that the sound is melodious and deep. I feel the vibration in my heart and soul! We are true partners and I have you and Glenn to thank. Please accept my deepest regards. I am in awe yet again!


It fills my heart. Thank YOU, Luanne!


Aho & Namaste,


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