A Smudging Ceremony With a Pet as a Guest

Some advice, and a video

Should you smudge your pet? Well, it depends. 


Smudging is clearly recognized as a valuable, meaningful cleansing practice for the body, mind and spirit of all beings and for one’s environment (see article links below), but we should be mindful that, unlike this kitty, some pets may be sensitive to smudge smoke as an irritant or could sense it as a threat, particularly those kept in cages or containers and who cannot readily leave a smoky room. Otherwise, it seems quite reasonable to include those who seek a share of such precious time with Spirit.


Our kitty volunteered, so was embraced and welcomed into the sacred circle. He can see spirits enter the circle, and seems to enjoy the whole experience. 


So my advice is to leave it up to your pets to decide. They will let you know.


Aho & Namaste,

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