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"Buffalo Spirit" powwow drum from Sacred Shaman Drums (Thunder Valley Drums)
Soon to be offered for sale, the new "Buffalo Spirit" powwow drum from Sacred Shaman Drums (Thunder Valley Drums).

Lots of NEWS from Thunder Valley Drums, soon to become Shaman Drums And More!


I have decided to consolidate many disparate parts of Thunder Valley Drums into one place. Presently there's the TVD Website (which is called, the blog (now known as Thunder Valley Drums), and a podcast (that disappeared when a certain Web host-- to remain nameless-- shut down podcast options with little notice), all scattered here and yon. So I'm hoping all will eventually be brought into one beautiful circle, right here.


It's a big job.


But I can't talk about big without mentioning the newest drum I'm about to offer...the biggest drum I've ever made. The "Buffalo Spirit" drum is more than SIX FEET in circumference! And it's made from a cross-cut (what woodworkers call a "cookie", and this some hummer of a cookie!) of a tree felled by natural causes. Once the center was cut out of this once solid maple cookie, its frame ended up being about two inches thick, and five inches in height. And still it's about a 20-plus pound cookie!

dancing buffaloes on the Buffalo Spirit Drum's drumstand
The Buffalo Spirit drumstand offers these four "dancing buffaloes." See them in action on the powwow drum's page.

Its drum head is buffalo held fast to the frame by 72 oak pegs studded around the frame's perimeter. And there is lightning-struck power in it from top to bottom and clear across this 26-inches wide beauty. But there is much more to the thunderous sound and large measurements that make this a sacred ally. That story will have to wait a while to be told, though.


I could really get going with much more to discuss about the site and this beautiful drum, but for now I'll just continue on with the chore of trying to consolidating everything right here on the newest home for shamanic drums made in the oldest of ways. In this era of cybershamanism, the circle that reaches around a drum now stretches far around the globe, and I must honor that chosen path.


Until we gather again, many thanks for your visit.


Aho & Namaste,


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